Honourable Chairman,Zilla Parishad ,Nalgonda has launched my Website on 27-05-2020

Honourable Chairman,Zilla Parishad ,Nalgonda has launched my Website on 27-05-2020

OTHER Web.2 Tools


SlideShare  is an online tool where we can share all kinds of our slidesand PDFs

Teacher Planet is a one-stop spot for teacher resources. Teachers can download any number of lesson plan templates, worksheets, ESL-specific resources, and other tools.

Web Poster Wizard

This free tool allows educators to create a lesson, worksheet, or class page and immediately publish it online.

Teachers can use the free web conferencing feature with Yugma and also share their entire desktop in real-time with one student. This can be extremely helpful in one-on-one advising with students.

This diagram editor is easy to use, and you can save your work on their servers for free. Gliffy Online has two ways to make document sharing simple. Collaboration enables others to see and edit your work by simply entering their email address. 


LiveText is a Web-delivered subscription service for teachers featuring collaborative lesson-building activities. Simple and easy to use, LiveText uses lesson planning as a focus for engaging the educational community. This is not a free service.

 Mindmapping is a highly productive method of visual brainstorming that you can use to plan projects or to map out a knowledge base.

 Teachers can use this tool for mnd mapping.

This tool will be helpful for teachers of foreign languages. For a fee, dotsub will translate videos using subtitles and students and teachers can upload their own videos and create subtitles.

Prezi: Teachers can use this presentation tool to organize and share ideas with other educators.

BadgeStack: Used by organizations such as the New York City Department of Education and the American Association for State and Local History, BadgeStack is set up to deliver digital badges to students once they master a skill.

bitly: This tool shortens links and can be handy for teachers who send numerous links to their students. It even allows teachers to see how many students clicked on a particular link.

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